2 Minutes for Remembering: Veterans Day – Remembrance Day

When kids are quiet for as long as a whole minute, as parents and caregivers, we worry and rush to see what they are doing.  But on Nov. 11th, the Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month, we are asked to observe 2 minutes of silence. Children are far too young to understand why but we are teaching them by our example.

Included are 2 brief videos of students, one of children’s voices of what Veterans Day means to them, and another of quotes of children about war, soldiers, and peace. There are many, many more available. How many years are they older than your preschoolers? This kind of respect and awareness does not develop over night. It comes from children’s experiences and from the model of the adults in children’s lives.

On this day, we also need to remember the why – so that we can live in peace and freedom. It is important for us to remember and to think of how we can live peacefully in the world. That’s what we think about when we have two very quiet minutes. We will remember and share with our children so that they too remember…

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