Dinovember: Dinosaur Ice Eggs – Turkey Baster Tool

Dinosaurs can be used in many different play experiences for kids. For a play-of-the-day, freeze some small plastic dinosaurs in egg shapes for some sensory melting fun. Since turkeys are connected to dinosaurs, use a turkey baster as a melting tool.

dinosaur ice eggs science funSmall plastic eggs are available in the dollar store. To get the two halves of the egg closed without dumping out half the water, I discovered I needed to pop in a dino and then close them when submerged. It was easiest to make the eggs in the sink. Thankfully, they didn’t leak. To get them out, I only needed to run a bit of warm water. Eggs that have the two halves hinged together may not work. The two halves might have to be separate so the ends can slip off. Small balloons are another way to make the eggs, but you will need an extra hand to stretch open the neck of the balloon and get the dinosaur inside. Fill with water, tie, and freeze.

dinosaur ice eggs scienceTo excavate the eggs, place them in a big bowl or container. Big Sister and Little Sister used a turkey baster with some warm water and a pastry brush. I thought only having 1 baster might be a problem, but Little Sister liked using the brush. It was probably easier to use. On a hot day outside, it’s refreshing when the water turns cool, but because we’re inside and the weather is chilly this time of year, we poured off the cold water and started again with some fresh, warm water for melting.

Sensory play is appealing to young children. Brains are hard-wired to learn thru the senses and begin the process even before birth. Sensory input is used to create the connections and pathways needed for different kinds of learning. While children’s attention is so engaged, they stretch their attention span and practice focusing and tuning out distractions. Water play, in particular, is both stimulating and calming. An inexpensive play activity, these dinosaurs don’t stay locked in an ice age. Have you made dinosaur ice eggs for your child?

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