What Makes Christmas Magical for Kids? Part 4: Giving

Helping and Giving to Others–Part of the Christmas Magic for Kids

Young preschool children have generous and open hearts and part of the magic of the season for them is being able to help and give to others. We all like to feel good about ourselves and that includes children. One mom shared the words of her 5 year old, ” ‘Cause Christmas isn’t just about getting toys, right Mom? It’s about doing good deeds and helping people.”

There are a variety of ways that young children can be included in helping, giving, and sharing. A wonderful article on The Imagination Tree about Kindness Elves has some great suggestions, plus here are some others:

  • Christmas-giving - 2baking cookies to share with another family
  • buying a present for a community toydrive or Santa’s Anonymous
  • making a gift for letter carrier, newspaper carrier, or other service person
  • donating toys to a thrift store, shelter, or hospital
  • sharing change with a local charitable group
  • getting some food for the area foodbank
  • dropping off coats at a community shelter

Gifts from the HeartThese are just a few ideas for young children to participate in the magic of giving and helping at Christmas. Kids can make or do things that bring a smile to others like coloring paper placemats to go to a seniors’ home or meals on wheels program, or making a handmade gift or tree decoration for seniors or family members. Seniors love hearing children’s voices that come to sing at care centers and a few grandmas and grandpas can’t resist singing along. This is not always appropriate for younger toddlers who may feel insecure around people that are unfamiliar, but kids usually go in a group with their preschool or school program

Virgina Bruker, author of the book Gifts from the Heart, reminds us that “Children love to give and…enjoy sharing.” Do you have some other ideas for the magic of giving with kids?

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