Any Outside Toys for Christmas for Outside Play Time?

Were there any outside toys under the tree at Christmas, such as a wagon, sled, toboggan, bike or trike, or other riding toys? These are popular items and kids love to be active outside. Now that the busiest part of the holidays is over, the family may be able to go outside and play! Some places will be fortunate enough to have snow, (if that can be considered good fortune ☺), and the rest of us have to make due with grass that’s either green or brown. But whether the weather is warm or cold, it’s still fun to play outside.

outside Christmas toy play timeAt this time of year, kids may have had enough of being inside. They have been plenty excited by special holiday events and they need to run around and be active. Backyards and playgrounds have space for bodies as well as for voices. Besides the exercise for muscles, being outside also boosts children’s immune system and increases Vitamin D. Not just bodies, but brains get exercise too. Kids solve problems, make choices, release mental stress, and stretch imaginations.

outside play timeOutside stimulates children’s senses. There are voices, birds, wind, and other sounds outside. The moving provides lots of different sensations for touch as bodies feel clothes, cool nips in the air, equipment, toys, the ground, and hopefully, lots of sun. Outdoors has scents and odors, unless noses are frozen from cold. Besides so much to see, the best part is the taste of hot chocolate when getting back indoors.

This time of the year, there are not many hours of daylight. Fortunately, over the holidays community skating rinks and swimming pools often have special family times and rates, possibly even some times when facilities are free. This can extend the times when kids can play and counts as outside time, although it’s indoors.

Will some outside and active play be part of your child’s day?

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