March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #7

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Inspire Play-of-the Day

Goldilocks and the Three DinosaursGoldilocks and the Three Bears is another children’s story that can be used as a play-of-the-day inspiration. What adventures can Goldilocks have at your house?

Read the Goldilocks and the Three Bears to your child or tell the story. Many children will have heard it, although not as many as for the last generation. There’s a really funny version once kids know the one with bears called Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs written by Mo Willems.

After reading or telling the story, ask your child what might happen if Goldilocks knocked at your door.

children help with choresIf Goldilocks came to our house, the first thing she could do is help make the oatmeal for breakfast. While it’s not safe for kids to be close to the stove, they can help measure the water for the pot and scoop out some oatmeal ready for big hands to stir in. Instead of sitting in the chairs or the sofa, she could help us dust and tidy up and maybe vacuum. Once that’s done, she could probably use a nap, but…

Goldilocks and the three bears…before we can do that, maybe we put take off the sheets and pop them in the laundry. Then we’d remake the beds with nice, clean sheets. Since we’re in the bedroom, Goldilocks could help us pick up the toys and put the books back on the shelf. Now that we can see the floor, we can play again.

Wow, Goldilocks is having a great time at our house. How about yours? Kids like to be helpful, and chores can be play to them. Pretending Goldilocks is visiting can be lots of fun. We all have chores that need to get done and kids can be part of the process. There is no reason why that process can’t be imaginative and fun. Once the jobs around the house are done, how about a cup of tea? Maybe the three bears would like to come for a tea party?

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