Star Wars Toilet Paper Roll Star Craft

Star Wars has some amazing shots of stars from space, and this idea for a toilet paper roll star craft is pretty amazing too.  How can a tube shape turn into stars? These are the steps, which we used the second time, modified slightly from the photos:

  1. These stars will need 3 rolls. Carefully separate each one along the seam. This is a bit tricky because you want the entire roll to come apart, not just peel off a layer.
  2. Once they are unrolled, flatten them out. The rolls will try and curl up again, but a light wipe with just a damp cloth encourages them to stay flat or placing them under a big book for a few minutes.
  3. Using paint dabbers, brushes and paint, or markers, kids can color the these pointy shapes however they want. The shapes could also be covered with foil, but be careful of the points. The moisture from the paint also helps the thick paper flatten.
  4. Once dry and flat, place the three shapes on top of each other until they look like a 6-pointed star. They can be either stapled or glued together. We discovered this after attaching the pieces together the first time. It works much better to color them individually.
  5. Glitter looks lovely on the stars. If only it stayed there! Even without, turning rolls into stars is quite magical.

Although we didn’t try it, 3 rolls from paper towels should make giant stars! The toilet paper roll star craft just got bigger.

toilet paper roll star craftCrafts are a fun way for kids to practice some basic strategies like following instructions and doing steps in order. When flattened out, the tube or cylinder shape is very different from a circle and it doesn’t roll anymore either. Being able to manipulate shapes in the mind is very challenging and lots of hands-on experiences are needed.

Kids also enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when they complete a project.  Being able to make something from different items gives a sense of accomplishment. Children can be proud of their efforts. Maybe stars aren’t the only ones shining?

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