Two Year Old Play – Ways Children Play #3

Recently,  parents have been sharing how their kids play. Val Wynder, who blogs at The Most Time You Have, shared some almost two year old play.

child playing at kitchen sink

M’s play has been really fun to watch evolve! She will be two in a month, and I have watched her actions and attentions go from the broad and sweeping to the precise and dedicated. It is obvious when you watch how her coloring has changed. It used to be big scribbles over the whole page and has become precise and concentrated, just like she is writing. She even holds her pens properly. One morning I was writing in my journal at the kitchen table, and Meg wanted to join in. I grabbed her a scribbler and a pen and she started “writing” while sitting next to me on her own chair. It is sweet.

a day of play - writingShe has been mimicking EVERYTHING her daddy and I do, and is in full discovery mode! I am often surprised that she can be occupied by coloring or puzzles or reading to herself or her kitchen for long periods of time without much direction or encouragement.

ways children play - puzzleShe loves the gross motor skill activities as well, playing ball, running, jumping, throwing, dancing. I do have to say that I am surprised how her sort of “small” or “dedicated” play captivates her for so long, especially since she isn’t two yet.

a day of-play - reading

She also loves to take care of her babies the way I take care of her sister. She often wants to nurse her dolls, or tuck her stuffies into the bouncy chairs with blankets. And as much as she likes to play the “mom” and big sister role, she also loves to play the baby and will herself crawl into the bouncy chairs or her baby sister’s co-sleeper side car bed and want to be tucked in.

walking the dog play

This is a wonderful look at some two year old play. What a variety of ways to play. How does your child play?

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