Easter Egg Hunt for Kids and Connecting to Nature

In different parts of the globe, there will be an Easter egg hunt for kids. An egg is basically two parts inside a shell, a white and a yolk. Looking for Easter eggs is also two parts, the fantasy of a bunny hiding decoratively colored eggs, and the reality of a rabbit, eggs, and nature in spring.Easter egg hunt for kids

In a way, spring is quite magical. The sun is so warm and welcome after the cold of winter. Colors of grass, flowers, new leaves, and blossoms contrast with the brown and grey of winter, and the white of snow that covered the dullness. Spring white is fluffy clouds, curly lambs, and popcorn trees. And so much color that it pops up in rainbows.

When kids get to go on an Easter hunt outside, they find more than eggs. They also find nature. No matter the weather in your area, usually this time of year is warm enough to spend some time outside. Did you know the average amount of time children in countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, is only 7 minutes a day? That’s less time than prisoners get to be outside.

As children search around for Easter treats they also see what’s happening in nature. Fingers that close around smooth eggs, also get to touch dirt, new grass, and warm or wet rocks. Skin gets to feel the sun, a breeze, or rain. The smell of chocolate may be mixed in with other smells, like grass trampled underfoot, damp earth, and spring flowers. Though nature seems to either whisper or shout, kids may hear her voice amidst their eager cries. As for taste, who can resist popping a treat or two into the mouth instead of the basket?

An Easter egg hunt for kids is a feast for the senses and gives them a chance for connecting to nature. Is there one in your community?

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