Spring Fun: Kids Can Help with Yard Work

The weather may not be warm enough in your area for yard work, but it soon will be. Did you know kids can help with yard work? They usually love dirt.

kids can help with yard workLeaves and trash may have accumulated in the yard over the winter. Kids can help pick these up and put them in a bucket or wheelbarrow. There are kid-sized wheelbarrows that are fun to use, or try a big dump truck. Being closer to the ground, kids often see bits of stuff that adults miss. Sometimes though, they mistake the trash for treasure. Bugs, worm, and slugs may be hiding in old vegetation and they are a treasure of the nature kind.

With a small spade or shovel, little hands should be able to dig in the dirt. Give kids a small pail to fill with dirt. This can be dumped back out and kids will dig and fill it up again. This works the soil for planting. If it’s not too early, your helper might like to plant some spring flowers.

spring yard work with kidsAs long as a patch is all weeds, kids can pull and tug. Even for some grownups, it’s difficult to tell what’s a weed and what’s a flower or other plant, so watch kids aren’t pulling up the ones you want.

Kids like to see how strong they are. Are there some rocks that need to be moved to another part of the yard? As long as the rocks aren’t too big, kids may be able to carry them a short distance without dropping them on any toes.

Patio and deck furniture may need to be washed before setting it up. Warm water and soap in a bucket is like a magic potion for kids. Spilling and splashing water won’t hurt the ground, deck, or patio. An old dish brush works great for scrubbing.

Kids can help with yard work at a level that is appropriate for them. Being part of family tasks gives kids a feeling of pride and accomplishment. They like to contribute and feel big, even tho they are still little. Yard work is another way to be outside and connect to nature. It’s a very natural stress-reliever too. If yard work is on your to-do list, is there a way to include your child?

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