Ideas for Kids April Fools Pranks on Parents

Of course, kids April Fools pranks on parents will need the cooperation of parents, here are some fun jokes kids can do. Just pretend and play along.april fools pranks

1.      Give kids permission to take lots of tissues. With a few in each hand, they get to stuff either mom’s or dad’s shoes, so the shoes will feel like they shrunk.

2.      With a sneaky switcheroo, kids can substitute their underwear for one or the other parents’ undies. Or they can switch mom’ and dad’s. Neither mom nor dad will accidentally wear the wrong ones.

3.      If they can remember, whenever kids talk to mom, they call her “Dad.” Whenever they talk to dad, they call him “Mom.” This doesn’t usually last too long before kids giggle with glee.

4.      Have kids draw faces on the eggs. To do this, an adult needs to hold the egg while kids gently draw with a marker. Wiping up a raw egg is not joke.

5.      Tuck a toy or stuffie into mom’s or dad’s bag or briefcase.

6.      If someone in the family has a lunch bag in the fridge, stick some googly eyes on their sandwich bag or piece of fruit.

april fools kidsA sense of humor is not already in place at birth. It’s something that kids develop. Figuring out humor is pretty complicated because it has so many parts. First, kids need to recognize that something is unexpected or unusual. The next part is quickly deciding if it’s scary or funny and then reacting to the situation. Babies don’t expect ripping paper to make such a loud sound but there’s nothing scary so they can laugh and laugh.

Playing any kind of prank needs some prior planning. There’s also cooperation and trying to keep a secret. Kids need to imagine another person’s reaction and check if it’s an okay trick or not. Sharing a joke strengthens the bonds of a relationship. All too often, kids get in trouble for being silly, so April Fool’s is a day to be enjoyed to the max. Will there be  kids April Fools pranks on parents at your house?

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