Bubble Fun and Learning #24: Giant Bubbles

Have you ever noticed that very simple items can create really awesome fun and learning? Giant bubbles use basic kitchen ingredients and are amazing!

giant-bubbles-1This bubble recipe is adapted from PBS Parents Really Big Bubble Maker. Here’s what we used and mixed together:

6 cups of water
1 Tablespoon of glycerine
1/3 to 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid soap

Many recipes recommend blue Dawn and advise letting the solution sit overnight. Which we did. Once we had the jug outside, we poured the soapy water into a wide shallow dish,

giant bubble fun

To make the bubble wand, use 2 straws for the sides. Some sites show huge long strings. Ours was about 32″. Thread the string through 2 straws and tie the ends together. Now, spread the strings apart like a window and slide the knot into one of the strings. The straws need some sort of handle. Two juice straws worked to slide into the larger straws. The handles make it much easier to dip in and out of the soapy water. We also made another set with more string but it was trickier.

giant bubble fun

Not all our efforts made big, giant bubbles but some did and it was exciting. Dipping the straw and string wand made a shimmering window and only a very soft breath made it bulge and grow. The bubbles weren’t round, they were all sorts of lumpy, irregular shapes. They seemed to wave through the air.

giant bubble fun

Although there were doing the same activity, the kids played in very different ways. Both kids were able to blow a few giant bubbles. Too strong and the shimmery window popped. Big Sister was able to blow lightly but Little Sister just kept blowing even if there was no soapy film. She liked playing in the solution though. With the glycerine in it, it felt quite slippery. She liked to rub it between her fingers and on her hands and mostly just swished her straw loop in a pan. Being younger, the sensory aspect was more interesting while for Big Sister, the product was important.

giant bubble fun

One recipe, lots of ways to play. How does your child play?

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