Transportation Activities #17: Transportation Yoga

Yesterday was International Yoga Day  which inspired a transportation yoga play-of-the-day for kids. Even if neither of you have done yoga before.

These are some simple yoga poses suggested by a yoga teacher and preschool educator.:

transportation yoga - carCar: Kids sit on the floor with their legs straight out in front of them. Before driving, they buckle their seat belts, and put their hands on an imaginary steering wheel. They can honk the horn and go through a tunnel, leaning forward to grab their feet and be tucked in.

transportation yoga - bikeBicycle: Lie down on the floor with feet and legs pointing up to the sky. Legs go up and down just like pedaling a bike. Bike fast for going downhill and slow when you have to push really hard to get up the hill.

If there are two of you, sit facing each other with knees bent. Touch feet together and then lie down. Can you pedal together? This really takes coordination of two bodies and two brains.

transportation yoga - planeAirplane: This is pretty tricky. Balance on one leg and stick the other leg straight out behind. Spread arms like airplane wings. Lean forward and see if you can make your back flat. Switch legs and try to balance on the other one.

Yoga is not just for experts. It’s for bodies and brains. We all know that kids are constantly on the move, but do you know why? Movement activities not only strengthen muscles but also coordination, and coordination is how bodies and brains work together. Balance and flexibility are key elements of yoga. Even if yoga is difficult at first for kids, they will improve and feel a sense of accomplishment when they do, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

In the article, Yoga for Kids, Sherry LeBlanc writes, yoga can “give our children the opportunity to develop a supple healthy body, to lessen anxiety and to stimulate creative thinking and intellectual growth.” Will transportation yoga take your child places?

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