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Kindergarten Readiness – Pirates #2

Today’s pirates are going to use a treasure that’s buried deep inside–their voices! The tune is Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes. The last line of each verse can be adapted for lots of different pirate actions. Let the kids think of some, too.

Pirates sail on the deep blue sea, deep blue sea, deep blue sea.
Pirates sail on the deep blue sea.  Swab the deck.

Pirates sail on the deep blue sea, deep blue sea, deep blue sea.
Pirates sail on the deep blue sea.  Bury some treasure.

Pirates sail on the deep blue sea, deep blue sea, deep blue sea.
Pirates sail on the deep blue sea.  Hoist the Jolly Roger.

Pirates sail on the deep blue sea, deep blue sea, deep blue sea.
Pirates sail on the deep blue sea.  Walk the plank.

Songs are an effective tool for various skills including auditory memory, careful listening, vocabulary, rhythm, patterning, language, voice expression and more. Singing can help kids practice patience when having to wait or give them something to do rather than be bored. It’s a good strategy to use for self-regulation and can be calming or energizing. Open up the treasure trunk and let your voices shine.
Any more suggestions for some pirate song actions?

Kindergarten Readiness – Moose #4

Some kids love to draw and their talent shows at the age of 3 or 4! For other children drawing can be a struggle. As an adult, I try to draw and some of my efforts are almost acceptable.  I find step by step drawing books helpful and fun.moose activities

Since the topic this week seems to be moose (it all started with an apron that said Moose on the Loose-let’s make a moose in the kitchen) I’ve discovered some super ideas for having fun and helping get kids ready for kindergarten at the same time.

Here’s a YouTube video that shows step by step instructions, has the text on one side, a drawing pad on the other and is drawn by a kidlet. Drawing is a kind of language and one of the multiple intelligences. No need for doodle-bugs to feel at all guilty. Any suggestions for naming this moose?

Kindergarten Readiness – Parades

I love a parade-even in the rain. So do kids. A great activity for any day is to have a parade at home. Find some dress up clothes, some batons or instruments and march all around the yard or the house. Two disposable pie plates make cymbals by taping some spools to their centers. Plastic ice cream pails with lids can be used as drums. If there’s a handle on the pail, it can be attached to a belt so both hands will be able to play. To make shakers, just about any small plastic container will work with a few things inside to make noise…er, sound. Surprisingly, erasers make a fairly loud sound and are easy to pick up if the lid pops off the container.

There’s lots of learning in this activity. Rhythm and coordinating movement to a beat are physical skills that are developing in prekindergarten kidlets. Listening carefully is also reinforced. This promotes sharing and cooperating strategies and, probably, some negotiating ones, too. After all, not everyone can be first to lead the parade.

 Music is optional. Usually, when just a few kids start to march around, others will be eager to join and the parade gets bigger and bigger. The fun gets bigger and bigger, too. Know any great songs that are simple enough for singing, marching and playing on homemade instruments? Just doing that left, right, left, right can be tricky enough!

Kindergarten Readiness – Playground Fun #3

So far playground time has helped kids learn some basic reading skills-making connections between text and experience-and promoted physical development. That’s something to sing  and swing about. Here’s a simple song that uses the Mulberry Bush tune: This is the way we swing on the swing, swing on the swing, swing on the swing. This … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Playground Fun #3

Kindergarten Readiness – Pack Imagination on Vacation

The news today announced the death of Hiram Brown, a radio drama legend. He called radio ” the theater of the mind” and talked about ” the magic is the imagination”. One of the most powerful tools that kids have is their imagination. Today, reflecting on his insights, here are some ways to use children’s … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Pack Imagination on Vacation

Kindergarten Readiness – Vacation Songs

Singing is another terrific way to help kids learn. Not only do they practice musical skills but also important ones for learning vocabulary,  rhythm, word order and language patterns, but it also strengthens their auditory memory and provides good listening practice. There are some fabulous children’s entertainers with simple and catchy songs but plain, ordinary, everyday singing … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Vacation Songs