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Readiness for Kindergarten – Cooking With Kids

Ideas for play and learning with water took a recess for a couple of days but are back just in time for the weekend. Water play is a great way to build kindergarten readiness skills. Earlier blogs have touched on vocabulary, physical coordination and development, problem solving, observing, premath skills, and more. This is a science and cooking activity that uses some of these skills, too.

A fun treat for warm, sunny days is a popsicle. These are easy to make with little ones. Involve your child in the planning and organizing:  finding the popsicle container or some smaller plastic cups, and washing the holders or some plastic spoons. Your little one can help make the juice, stirring and counting. What color is the juice? How many can you make? Talking together uses lots of language. Now, comes the hard part–the carefully putting into the freezer and waiting. Learning to wait is a really important readiness for kindergarten skill and practice helps. It’s not easy for kids, or grownups, but having a yummy treat makes the waiting worthwhile. What is your favorite popsicle flavor?

Kindergarten Readiness – Halloween Math Snack

Cooking with kids can be fun–if the recipe is easy. Kids enjoy creating and tasting. Plus, the measuring, counting and adding are math skills used in a meaningful way. This recipe is called Monster Mix and fits right in with Halloween. It’s great for having at home, or taking a small container with you to keep a little kids fed and occupied. (It can keep them from turning into monsters.)

Round up some cereals and finger foods that your child can eat safely such as corn puffs, cheerios, fishy crackers, dried cranberries, raisins, and sunflower seeds. Find a small plastic scoop or container and a big bowl. Help your child measure a scoop of each. After each scoop, add a commentary, “Oh, you used 1 scoop of cheerios and 1 scoop of crackers. 1 scoop and 1 scoop makes 2 scoops. ” If your child is ready for some more complicated math, you may be able to find 1 small container and 1 big one. Measure how many small containers or scoops fit in the big one before adding to the bowl. For a Halloween treat, a few chocolate chips can be included, too. Now your child has made a batch of Halloween Monster Mix and practiced some skills for kindergarten readiness, too. Enjoy! Do you have any other fun and easy Halloween recipe suggestions?

Kindergarten Readiness – Moose #2

As long as we are making mooses in the kitchen, here is another cooking with kids activity–face sandwiches. Start with a slice of bread. Next, cover the slice with a slice of cheese or meat or another filling such as tuna salad. Next comes the fun part, the face. Cucumber, carrot, radish or tomato slices make the eyes. Olives or something small can be used for the nose. Mouths are a little trickier, but a carrot or celery stick will work or squeeze a line of ketchup. For hair, try lettuce or sprouts. The best part is the eating.

 How can this project help children prepare for kindergarten? It’s used lots of readiness skills: creating, planning, organizing, using visual details, measuring, and talking about what is happening. This simple activity has encouraged lots of problem-solving and thinking skills, and supports your child in becoming more self-reliant and independent. We don’t always realize how important these everyday activities can be in helping your child get ready for kindergarten. Can you suggest any other ideas for your moose on the loose?

Kindergarten Readiness – Moose on the Loose

An apron in a store window said “Let’s make a moose in the Kitchen. What a great idea so today’s tip is a quick, Non-messy fun with kids project. Let your munchkin help you wash some fruit, an apple, orange, strawberries, etc. Bananas are a good soft fruit for practicing slicing, using a plastic knife. … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Moose on the Loose

Kindergarten Readiness – 4th in a Glass

Start the 4th off with a quick breakfast treat. Easy for kids to make and eat!! Ingredients: vanilla or plain yogurt, blueberries, strawberries or raspberries Method: in a clear, plastic glass layer the colors, yogurt then fruit. Skills: patterning, counting (so everyone gets the same number of berries :)), organizing, creating,  nutrition, hand-eye coordination, serving … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – 4th in a Glass