Kids Christmas Yoga Poses – Fun and Calming (also for Grownups)

Excitement growing at your house? Here are a few kids Christmas yoga poses shared from last year that are both fun and calming. Hmmm…maybe adults need them too.

holiday yoga for kids

Catch a Snowflake: Go down on all fours, kneeling on your knees. (This is the table pose.) Lift your head up, tilt it back, and open your mouth to catch snowflakes on your Christmas yoga

A Holiday Heart: This time of year touches our heart. Lie all the way down on a mat, press down with your hands and lift up your heart (upper body).kids Christmas yoga
The Candy Cane: Your body will almost look like one. Stand on two feet and stretch high over the head with two hands together. Curve the upper body over to the right and take a deep breath. Let it out and come back to the middle. Now curve over to the left, deep  breath, and back to the middle.

Christmas yoga for kids

The Snowball: Curl down, down, into a ball on the floor.

space yoga for kids

The Star: Stand with your two feet wide apart. Then stretch your arms out to each side. Your body will be like a big X or a star.

yoga for kids

The Christmas Tree: This is the tree pose. Put the palms of hands together and stretch over the head to make a star. Stand on one foot and put the other foot on the knee to make a triangle. It’s hard to balance on one foot and easy to fall over. That’s okay because it takes practice to stand on just one foot.

Yoga works on different levels. Physically, it promotes strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, concentration, and body awareness. On a mental level, the movements build important connections in the brain. This creates pathways that are also used for math and language. Social and emotional skills like cooperation, confidence, and self-regulation  are enhanced with yoga. Yoga helps increase confidence and decrease stress and anxiety.

All of us can use these kids Christmas yoga poses. Do you and your child do any yoga?


Kids Can Help with Family Chores – Do You Include Your Child?

With the date getting closer to Christmas, there’s more to do and kids can help with family chores. They like to be included and there’s lots to do.

kids can help with family chores

What are some of the chores that young children can do? This will depend on their ages but washing some non-breakable dishes, dusting, sweeping the floor, putting away clean laundry, getting all the towels to load in the washing machine, setting the forks, knives and spoons on the table for a meal, and putting away a few of the groceries are a few possibilities. The list for cooking and baking seems endless and little hands love to stir and mix. One of the big jobs is picking up and putting away their own toys but somehow this doesn’t seem to be in the same category. Since grownups do the other tasks, helping do those feels like a grown up thing to do.

communication activities for kids

A three-year old we know proudly announced to his mom that he had to help his dad put up the Christmas lights. There’s not much a three-year old can do except maybe watch and hold a tool but that’s not how it seemed to him. He was going to be part of a very important and adult job. When we got some glitter on the floor after doing a craft, Little Sister offered to vacuum. In her words, “I love to vacuum. I’m good at it.” From a child’s point of view, while it might be work, it’s also fun. With the number of times we’ve had to shovel snow this month, the kids’ efforts as really been appreciated, no matter how small.

including kids in chores for learning and fun

Is there something your child can do from the to-do list? Kids can help with family chores and very much need to. The month of December has more than two dozen holidays from a variety of cultures and traditions. For all of them, belonging to the group is an important part of the celebration. Doesn’t being able to help, as well as to celebrate, contribute to a child’s sense of belonging?

Boxes + Paper Tubes = Christmas Fun for Kids

Two very simple ingredients stirred with imagination cook up some another Advent play-of-the-day: boxes + paper tubes = Christmas fun for kids and families.

empty box play

In the midst of adults trying to wrap presents kids are enjoying another tradition, playing with the empty boxes and the long wrapping paper tubes. Combined with imagination, these two objects, used together or separately, call to children to come and play. Why are they so appealing to kids?

This is play where kids are like creative elves. “A plain, ordinary box comes with no limits, no instructions, and no expectations. Kids are in control in their own zone….A cardboard box is not empty; just like our kids, it is full of potential. With imagination it can be anything: a camper, a boat, a bus, a house, a spaceship, a hospital, a fort, anything. It can be transportation to anywhere and as big as the universe or it can be exactly where it is as a small, but safe and secure area. While a box is a defined space, it is flexible for the needs of the child.”

A wrapping paper tube has almost as many possibilities. Beyond that of the best head-bonker, a paper tube can be a pirate’s saber, a knight’s sword, a bridge, tunnel, telescope, a marble road, a tree, cane, or wand. It’s fun for riding like a cowboy’s horse or Harry Potter’s broom. Whatever it is, the choice belongs to the child.

empty box transportation play

Toys are a major item at this time of year. The lowly cardboard box is considered a toy and recognized in the U.S. National Toy Hall. While we can’t call imagination a toy, it is certainly part of play. While you are busy with other things, with a box and paper tube children can also be busy moving their bodies and stretching their brains. Boxes + paper tubes = Christmas fun because children can fill them with play. Isn’t play a wonderful gift to give a child?

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