Kindergarten Readiness: Fall-Nature-Thanksgiving/Columbus Day

garden-carrotAt first, Thanksgiving Day in Canada and Columbus Day in the U.S. might not seem that relevant for kindergarten readiness but there can be lots of fun and learning. Displays for Thanksgiving use all sorts of garden treasures: pumpkins, flowers, potatoes, wheat, corn, carrots and more. These treasures have come from the land around us. Columbus Day is also a thanksgiving of sorts, a day to celebrate the discovery of a new land. For both of these days, land is a significant part of the celebration.

This month, 1 2 3 Kindergarten blog posts have been about fall and encouraging children’s connection to nature. Nature seems to fit no matter which of the two days you are celebrating. Children can spend some time at the park, or go for a walk to see how the land is changing for the autumn season. This is the time of year to plant fall bulbs so that they can sleep in the ground over the winter and wake up in the spring. It’s time to dig up the last of the garden and put it to sleep, too. Families in apartments may need to tend to their little bit of ‘land’ in pots on the balcony as the weather turns colder.

Nature seems to play a part in special days and ordinary days, doesn’t it? Happy Day!

Readiness for Kindergarten – Happy Thanksgiving

Emotions have a powerful influence on memory. That may be why our brains have such strong memories about holidays because they are emotional events, both positive and not so positive.

Did you know that your holiday celebrations can help little ones with readiness for kindergarten ? At this age, the roots for healthy emotional growth have already begun growing. Caring, sharing, and celebrating with others all contribute to children’s emotional development. These emotions and other feelings, in turn, affect memory.

In kindergarten, there are increased demands on children socially and emotionally simply because they are part of a new group. Helping kids practice in groups of people of various sizes and ages will help them cope later on at school. Enjoy the day celebrating and helping your child with memory and kindergarten readiness. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Readiness for Kindergarten – Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Did you know that when we form a memory our brains creates either new connections or strengthens old ones? Since creating connections helps with memory, here’s a project to do with your child to make a few and promote readiness for kindergarten.

Turkeys are connected to Thanksgiving. Using paper in yellow or brown, have your child trace a hand or grown-ups can trace for younger kids. Make sure the fingers are spread wide apart. Draw a beak part way down the thumb outline. With all the ins and outs, adults also need to help with cutting out the hand. Once that is done, your child can glue on some feathers, tissue paper, bits of fabric or other items on decorate the turkey. Your child might like to use markers to color the feathers, too. Add an eye, and a red head cap complete with a few bumps. Legs can be added or just wiggle the turkey into a bit of playdo and set it on your table at Thanksgiving.

If your child would like to know more, find some pictures on the computer or maybe a video complete with sounds for more learning fun. This craft not only encourages brain connections and memory, it links up other learning, too, and kindergarten readiness. Can you gobble up this idea?

Kindergarten Readiness – Thanksgiving Encore

For all the families that need a rest after Black Friday, tuck into a good book. With specials everywhere, maybe these stories are on sale because it’s after Thanksgiving. The Perfect Thanksgiving caught my eye because the cover shows a turkey picture made by tracing a hand! Just like we did in turkey art. 10 Fat … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Thanksgiving Encore

Kindergarten Readiness – Time To Turkey Trot

The month of November has been busy with 5 senses, personal development, holiday crafts and art. It’s more than time for some physical development activity. Since we’ve been talking about bodies, what are some ways that bodies can move? Here’s a few to get us moving: walk, gallop, hop, skip, jump, crawl, roll, slide, saunter, … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Time To Turkey Trot

Kindergarten Readiness – Turkey Craft

Doing crafts is part of kindergarten readiness. Just like art projects, children learn to follow directions, organize, plan, and create. While schools and carecenters have access to materials for crafts, it’s not always easy at home. Here’s an idea for one that’s easy to put  together and uses everyday materials. It can be adapted for kids of … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Turkey Craft

Kindergarten Readiness – Turkey Art Project

(Canadians need to save this idea for next year. Americans do it this week.) Simple art projects are part of kindergarten readiness. Children practice listening to directions, organizing, planning and creating. Super easy to find the materials for this art project! It’s attached. Before starting, find a picture of a turkey in a book or … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – Turkey Art Project

Kindergarten Readiness – 2 Holidays, 1 Lesson

Both Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving–earlier in Canada because there’s snow, not harvest, in November–have echoes of voyages. Voyages of discovery, adventure and celebration. Kindergarten is another voyage of discovery for our children. Today, wherever we are, as adults let’s make an effort to protect their sense of adventure and celebration. Happy Day! P.S. How did … Continue reading Kindergarten Readiness – 2 Holidays, 1 Lesson