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January and Winter Fun and Learning Activities for Kids

Just like snowflakes can add up to a big pile, so can minutes of fun and play add up to big learning. This month, no matter what the weather, here are some activities your child can do at home or kids can do in a care center. These are child-tested and family-approved.

Print off the calendar below and put it on the fridge or bulletin board. Adapt as needed or use them to inspire different kinds of play. This is hands-on play or should that be mittens-on?  january-winter-play-learning-kids



More January Winter Learn and Play Activities for Kids

Only 10 days left in January! But there’s plenty of time for more January winter learn and play activities for kids. And to celebrate all the learning and play, what better treat than ice cream sundaes?

January winter learn play activities kids

You can add berries and sliced fruit to your ice cream. A wonderful story to read is Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems. Elephant has quite a problem wondering about sharing that turns into a sad situation. Fortunately, Piggy arrives with a solution.

learning to share

And for seconds, isn’t February 1st Ice Cream For Breakfast Day?

January Winter Play Activities for Kids

The calendar still says winter so here is another week of January winter play activities for kids. No matter if it’s warm or cold where you live, you and your kids can play the Warm or Cold Hide and Find game.

January play activities for kids

Did you ever play this game? You can’t play it by yourself so find a family member or friend to play with you.  It starts when one person hides an object. The other person takes a few steps in one direction. If it’s the right direction to find the hidden object the person who hid it says “Warmer.” If it’s the wrong way to go, the hider says “Colder,” and the person who is trying to find the object has to go a different way. The seeker keeps moving according to the warmer or colder clues given by the hider.

This game can be played by two or more people of almost any age. Sometimes, the hider adds even more hints like, “Really warm” or “Burning hot.” This signals being very close. Once the object is found, players can switch giving someone else a turn to be the hider.

This game can be played indoors on days when everyone is staying inside the house. On better weather days, play it outside. Enjoy the rest of theJanuary winter play activities for kids.



More January Fun and Learning Play Activities for Kids

Here is another week of January fun and learning play activities for kids. Not everywhere has a winter season but snow seems magical for kids–even to read about or play with. Ice cubes in a bowl is sort of winter on a very small scale. Just melting ice is very sensory and appealing. Remember–some snowmen … Continue reading More January Fun and Learning Play Activities for Kids

Longest Night Stargazing for Kids – May Help Fear of the Dark

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