March into Fun with Books, Stories, and Activities #9

Little Red Riding Hood Inspires Play-of-the-Day

Grab a basket and we’ll go along with Little Red Riding Hood for today’s play-of-the-day to have some fun with colors, walks in the woods, and picnics.

Little Red Riding Hood Sweet Little WolfLittle Red Riding Hood is sent on an errand to take some food to her grandmother who is sick in bed. Her mother tells her to stay on the path but she wanders into the woods and meets a wolf. The wolf takes a short-cut to Granny’s, gobbles her up, dresses in her nightgown and hops into her bed just in time. Red Riding Hood arrives, wonders about the change in Granny and, depending on the version, saves herself and Granny or calls for help and the woodcutter comes to the rescue. There is quite a different ending in the book Little Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf, by Rachael Mortimer.

After reading or telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, how about some fun with the color red? Instead of using lots of colors, use different ways to paint only red. Kids can paint with anything, not just paint brushes and dabbers, like sponges, fingers, hands, feet, bubble wrap, brushes, rolling pins wrapped with yarn, potato stampers, marbles rolling in a tray, and more.

child painting tarpPainting can be messy and it is both an art and a sensory experience. Some parents and caregivers take off most of a child’s layers of clothing, except for essentials, spread newspapers or plastic on the floor, put the paper on that, and let a child spread paint far and wide. The adults of this munchkin spread a tarp on the ground outside. Likely, the little one is wearing play clothes that are easily washable.

Everyday needs some outside time. Are there some trees in a nearby park? Kids can run around and check if there are any animals hiding behind the trees. As long as the weather isn’t too wet and cold, you might be able to pack some snacks for a picnic. When you get home, maybe you could snuggle up and make up your own adventure?

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