Star Wars Activities for Kids: Exploding Stars

Star Wars activities for kids do not need expensive toys or high-tech materials. Your kitchen cupboards likely have some items you can use for some science fun about stars.

exploding star science activityYesterday, we looked at some pictures on the computer about stars and star dust. In one, there were gazillions of little white specks covering a dark background. Later, when working on a spill on the carpet, I sprinkled on some baking soda. Little Sister thought the powdery baking soda looked like star dust. In a way, it really did. That inspired some star play.

star wars science fun for kidsStars not only shine in the sky, they also explode. The photos of exploding stars and supernovas look like swirling masses of circles all different colors. We  made our own ‘exploding stars’.

Two of the most magical ingredients in a kitchen are baking soda and vinegar. Perfectly ordinary and everyday, but when combined they bubble and froth with fizzy excitement. We used blue plastic bowls to be the sky. Two or three big spoons of baking soda covered the bottom. A juice glass with a thick bottom was heavy enough to stay in place on the table so we used that for the star-making liquid. Carefully, I squeezed two or three drops of food coloring onto the baking soda. It sort of clumps and disappears making the next part even more spectacular.

Eye-droppers or plastic squirters are needed for the vinegar. Drug stores and pharmacies often give plastic syringes for measuring doses of medicine. These are quite easy for little hands to use and we had two of them. They loaded them up with vinegar and squirted it onto the baking soda. Instantly, there were bubbles of color fizzing up in the bowl/sky. After a whole glass of vinegar mixed with the baking soda, the solution turned dark and murky like a night without stars.

This activity encouraged lots of discussion about stars and the pictures we looked at have taken on a new dimension, not one of Deep Space, but of meaning for the kids. These and other Star Wars activities for kids don’t need Star Wars fans, either, just fans of fun and learning. Is this something your child might like to try—or do?


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