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Kindergarten Readiness and Science Melting Fun

developing kindergarten readiness
Kindergarten readiness and science fun can happen anytime, even at the breakfast table. After needing to use an ice cube to cool down the oatmeal, we used some other ice cubes for some fun and learning.

developing kindergarten readinessHave you heard the saying that something is about as exciting as watching paint dry? Well, the same could be true of watching ice melt, but for some reason, kids get quite excited about watching it do just that.

ping kindergarten readinessThe ice melted quite quickly in the pot and bowl of oatmeal. Does it melt as fast in a bowl all by itself? How about on a paper? The ice in the bowl made a puddle of water, but on the paper it just made the paper wet and dark.

ping kindergarten readinessJust using a few ice cubes, you can let your child watch what happens at your house as it melts on a bowl and a napkin. Does stirring help it melt faster? What about sucking on it or holding it, until fingers get cold?

ping kindergarten readinessWhat other things melt? Snowmen melt, especially in the warm spring sun. Is there any snow outside to melt where you live? It’s fun to bring some snow inside and check on how it melts, too. Instead of eating snow, how about some ice cream–as long as it’s not breakfast?

Kindergarten Readiness: Kids’ Science Fun with Paper

developing kindergarten readinessQuestioning and observing are skills needed for both science and for kindergarten readiness. Instead of using paper for coloring, cutting, and creating, here’s a fun activity that uses paper for dropping.

For this activity, two sheets of paper or notepaper are needed. Ask your child what might happen if you drop a sheet of paper. All kids know it will fall. Scrunch one piece of paper into a ball, Ask again what might happen if you drop it. developing kindergarten readiness Again, you will get the answer that it would fall. This time drop the paper ball. Your child was right, it did fall! Now try the sheet of paper. Did it fall the same? At this point, many kids open their eyes wide as they notice the paper floating.

Kids like to try this for themselves. Sometimes, they so like the floating instead of the dropping that they will uncrumple the paper ball and smooth out the sheet of paper so that it developing kindergarten readiness floats, too. Kids can try dropping the paper from a little stool, or off a step. They can add some colors to the paper to see as the paper floats. Older kids might want some help folding the paper into a paper airplane and trying that, as well. Isn’t it amazing that kids can enjoy all this science fun and learning from a simple activity with two pieces of paper?

Kindergarten Readiness: Simple Science with Fridge Magnets

Not all new fridges are magnet friendly, nevertheless fridge magnets are simple little items for some easy science and kindergarten readiness learning and fun.

A metal foot that popped out from underneath an easy chair was too intriguing to be ignored. Especially, when it turned out to be the same size and shape as a fridge magnet. Lo and behold, it stuck to the magnet, at least on the metal side. What else would it stick to? Little hands tried tables, chairs, the floor, a spoon, the dishwasher and even the rocks and trim of the fireplace. To extend, the activity, I asked if other fridge magnets also stuck to those things. And off went the eager, but young, scientist.

This play-of-the-day activity appeals to both younger and older kids. Kids can either wander around the house checking out what might or might not stick, or you can put lots of objects on a tray for them to try. Put a piece of paper over something magnetic and show your child that it still works right thru the paper! It’s also fun to see if a magnet can pick up objects thru a light piece of fabric. What discoveries can your child make with a fridge magnet?

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