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Sing While You Spring…Clean

Remember the song to whistle while you work? In the same spirit, that work is easier when it’s fun, you can sing while you clean in the spring and turn chores into plays-of-the-day:

children help with spring cleaningThis is the way we vacuum in corners,
vacuum in corners, vacuum in corners.
This is the way we vacuum in corners,
When we clean in the spring.

This is the way we sort the clothes,
sort the clothes, sort the clothes.
This is the way we sort the clothes,
Now that it’s spring.
(or at least: since winter’s almost gone. Tune is Mulberry Bush)

Having kids help with chores such as spring cleaning is important for a number of reasons. Kids not only like to be included, doing so helps them feel part of the family. Work activities are mostly done by grownups so when kids do chores, that’s a sign they are accepted to the adult world, at least for some of the time. They learn valuable skills and strategies that they will use far into the future such as taking care of things, being responsible, and how to clean up messes.

A colleague, Jacquie Fisher at KC Edventures, has made a super printable for age appropriate spring cleaning chores. Here is a link to visit her blog and get a printable copy for yourself. She lists tasks such as sorting clothes and picking up toys inside the house and outside in the yard. For fun, partly fill a big container of warm soapy water and let kids wash toys. It’s a good plan to first wash toys from inside that spend a lot of time on the floor, like the wooden blocks and plastic bricks. Once that’s done, then kids can wash the ones from outside that are gritty and muddy. Spread some big towels on the grass or deck and let toys dry in the sun.

Besides singing for fun, add some imagination. Kids can pretend to be robots, or dinosaurs, or fairies as they clean. When done, could all the helpers celebrate with a tasty treat?KC Edventures-spring cleaning chart

Mealtime Talk for Young Children – Eating Dinner Together

What do you think is the most important thing that you do with your kids? Would you have known that it’s eating dinner–or sometimes called supper–with them? Family therapist and professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, Anne Fishel says “…sitting down for a nightly meal is great for the brain, the body and the spirit.” It’s like kids get a whole meal of language along with the food. What will your family talk about at the dinner table?Continue Reading

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Kids: #10 Saving Money

Saving money is often on lists of new year’s resolutions for grownups but it can also be there for young children, even before kids start school. Kids seem to know at a very young age that they need money to get something, probably because they have seen us many times buying something. Besides spending, we can also choose to save money or to share it. Saving money is a lot easier when it’s fun. Is helping your child learn to save money a new year’s resolution at your house?Continue Reading

Halloween Treat Learning Activities: Colors

Learning comes in many colors, and the ones of Halloween treats can help young children as they make the brain connections for this challenging skill. A number of experiences are needed for kids to link up colors and names. Halloween treats come in practically all colors, so can be used for some color fun and learning. An easy activity is to sort candies by color. What color seems to be the biggest group or the most popular for Halloween treats?Continue Reading

Getting Groceries with Kids for Fun and Learning

Even if we don’t need apples at our house, we need other groceries, and a trip to the grocery store can be a fun and learning event for kids. When shopping with kids, a list is helpful. A friend posted about an activity she did at home with her preschooler to make a list. Her kidlet looked thru the store flyers and found the pictures of things needed to buy at the store.Continue Reading

Apple Sizes and Comparing Activity

Did you know that comparing sizes is a complicated thinking skill? It’s a great deal more than learning the words big and little and requires considerable brain connections. Size is all about relationships instead of being about the bigness or smallness of something. A riding car is pretty small compared with a real car, but it’s pretty big compared to a matchbox car.Continue Reading

From Sticks to Scissors and Other Learning Tools

Every occupation and career has its own set of tools and play is children’s work; for kids early learning tools include sticks, rocks, mud, and toys, as well as crayons, chalk, glue, and scissors. Letting your child play and experiment with these tools is not just fun, it’s also helpful before starting kindergarten or preschool. Being familiar with them increases a child comfort and confidence and fine motor skills.Continue Reading

Summer Picnics Serve Up Food, Fun, and Early Learning

Another great outside activity for the summer, is a picnic! It combines fun, learning, family meals, outside time in nature, and even some kindergarten readiness. That’s quite a plateful. As kids picnic outside, their senses are stimulated by the sounds, sights, smell, taste, and touch of what’s around them. The foods smell and taste extra special outside.Continue Reading

Nelson Mandela Reminds Us of What Children Already Know

With the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth this month, there are many of his quotes on social media to inspire us. One of my favorites is this one, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Children learn the falling-down and getting-up lesson very early on and it’s a powerful learning strategy. Super Simple Learning has a great song for singing, playing outside, and falling down. It’s called We All Fall Down.Continue Reading

Soccer Helps Kids Prepare for School

No athlete would simply arrive at a game one day and expect to play; there’s a lot that happens long before. Somehow though, we expect kids to just arrive at school one day and be able to do their best. Just like the athletes, preparation can help kids get ready for school. Many professional athletesContinue Reading

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