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Part Two: To a Child, Love is Spelled T I M E

Spending Time Cooking with Kids

Spending time with a child requires a certain amount of confidence. As parents and caregivers do you worry if you are good enough? Be assured, you do not need to be a pro at what you do to spend time with kids. As the saying goes, kids spell love T I M E. Here is another story of ordinary families spending time together. Hopefully, it will encourage you.

cooking with kidsK is not a professional chef. She has no extra training when it comes to cooking. With her particular hours, sometimes at their house it’s more convenient for dad to start dinner. But both of them involve the kids as they cook. Their two kids, age 3 and 6, help wash the veggies and the fruit, stir and mix. They are learning the names of the different tools and what they do. When possible, the kids help with measuring, getting ingredients, and baking. A highlight, of course, is licking the beaters and scooping out the bowl. Do you remember doing this as a child? I bet it happens all over the world.

cooking with kidsTime can be spent with kids in big chunks or in little bits over and over. While each day, parents may only spend a few minutes cooking with the kids, over the course of months and years it adds up to an astonishing amount of time. Like a layer cake that just keeps getting taller and taller, even a slice can be a lot. Not only is the time important, but also the feeling of being important and significant to others.

Besides sharing about cooking, you can tell jokes like: Q. What’s the best thing to put in a pie? A. Your teeth. What recipe do you have for cooking up some love and time with your kids? Share in the comments and we’ll take a bite…

Dinosaur and Turkey Fruit Snacks for Kids

Giving kids something to do in the kitchen while adults are preparing a meal helps them feel included and can keep them safely occupied. If you are busy today, here is an idea for a fruit snack that can be either a dinosaur or a turkey, or you can make one of each. For both of these, be careful when eating to take out the toothpicks. Aren’t these almost too cute to gobble up?Continue Reading

Cooking with Kids Using Leftover Halloween Candy

After Halloween, talking about healthy food choices is tricky, but there is a way to add some nutrition to Halloween treats and have a fun play-of-the-day with kids at the same time: cooking with Halloween candy. For this activity, we opened a few packages of Smarties and added to them a batch of oatmeal cookies, aka monster cookies. There are other baked goodies to make with leftover Halloween treats like brownies and blondies. To decrease the amount of sugar, you can also make Monster Munch.Continue Reading

Fall Sensory Play #5 – Sense of Taste

Eating is, without a doubt, a sensory experience for children and adults, and in addition to the sense of taste, also appeals to sight, smell, touch, and sometimes sound, too. For children, the texture and the color can be just as important, or even more important, than the flavor or taste.Continue Reading

Applesauce Cookies: Tasty Treat for Eating and Learning

There are as many reasons for cooking with kids as there are cookies in a batch, and fortunately, the benefits will last longer than the cookies. These applesauce cookies were so yummy that we cooked up some more– a sort of double treat for eating and learning. This is an experience about balancing fun and work, another life skill. Continue Reading

Quick Apple No-Bread Sandwich Snack

Cooking with kids is a play-of-the-day activity that you can do anytime because it helps them be more aware of what they eat and make healthy food choices. We made some apple ‘sandwiches’ that have no bread and were almost as good as s’mores. Continue Reading

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